“Many thanks William. I think that’s the best investment we’ve made for quite a while!” – SME Owner

“If I have any R&D queries I ring William at WOCO Ltd. He’s done several successful claims for us and really knows his stuff.” – Client FD

Grant funded innovators

Background This client is a start-up business that was spun out from a larger research organisation. They are working in a technology area that has the potential to transform electronics manufacture and so have to operate under strict terms of confidentiality and non-disclosure. The technology is so innovative and has … Read more

Clinical trials specialist subcontractors

Background The pharmaceutical industry is generally well understood by HMRC, although the rules have not kept pace with the recent trend in the industry towards more small companies contributing to parts of the drug discovery and development pipeline. This case focusses on a client building a successful business working as … Read more

Glass manufacturer in London

This specialist glass manufacturer were able to eliminate their corporation tax bill with WOCO’s assistance. Although their accountant had suggested taking a look at R&D tax credits, they never had the time to get round to it… Read more